"I just wanted to say that we are thrilled with the new course song... - great lyrics, and exactly the boppy, high energy, happy sound we were looking for. I knew that you'd be the studio for it!"

"These sound fantastic. Thanks Mike. I knew you would do an amazing job... I can't thank you enough for your great work. The client LOVES the songs. So do we."

"I'm listening to your final songs and they are fantastic! Really great job! All the voices work fantastically well with the music and there's really not much more for me to say!"

"Many, many thanks for producing some great work for our course. I will be sure to recommend you to colleagues and will definitely contact you myself when working on future courses."

"Thank you so much for running a great audio session yesterday...I truly appreciated your energy and professionalism and ability to keep things moving has been a real pleasure working with you."

"Hi Michael, excellent song. By far one of the top submissions we've had...You have an excellent sense how to integrate vocals with an instrumental track."

"We have reviewed the demo reel ...Very nice group of tracks indeed - solid writing, arrangement, playing and recording. Amazing breadth of cool instrumentation and stellar drum and percussion work on all the tracks...Your stuff has a very professional sonic sheen - everything sounds incredible."

"Michael,...The song exhibits a high level of professionalism in both the lyrics, which are very nicely crafted and the musical structure as well. Your talent and craftsmanship is obvious. Keep up the fine work."

"The authors loved your songs! I was so glad... I'm sure some of these songs are going to be a hit parade in the secondary schools!"

"...we're so happy with the songs that you have provided for us, and all the little extras like the fun instrumentation and sfx...We do really appreciate that you have worked to tight schedules and provided us with excellent material."

"The end result is great and sales are already excited about the songs! So many thanks for your work on this, and I hope to work with you again."

"I've just been through Michael Nickolas' songs - he really has the most incredible range of musical styles - what a talent!"

"I highly recommend Michael if any of you are heading down this road, he did an absolutely fantastic job. The mastered copy sounds excellent."

"What can we say except...thank you. You did an awesome job at mastering the CD and, just as important, we had a great time working with you."

"I liked the article you wrote...I think your article is one of the best I've read on the subject...No wonder your mixes/mastering sounds so splendid!"

"Your music is VITAL to the show. Because it's aimed at kids, music is an absolute must. Not only that, it has to be cool stuff that kids will like And I think you guys did exactly that!... I'm sure we will do more in the future."

"I gotta say thank you for your professionalism and help in getting my CD to the point where it needs to be. This album is my baby. It's been long overdue, but with the way it's sounding now, I think it's been worth the wait."

"The quality of mastering we got for the single we did last month came out incredible..."

"...I matched them to the visuals and these are GREAT! I suspect the client will have a tough time deciding which will suit them... once gain you've come through."

"Our CD has finally appeared! "GREAT JOB!!!... Literally, JUST came out...And it sounds fantastic. People are sort of blown away by it, fact... We're already getting better paying gigs, being taken much more seriously, etc. So it's all thanks to you..."

"...thanks so much for the great work on my CD. I couldn't be happier with it, and I've been getting great compliments for it (the best is: "It sounds like a commercial release")"

"I found your article to be very interesting and very informative...Thank you for your time and thank you for the great article."

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