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I've been published many times in "Recording Magazine" going back to 1995! These are the most recent:

"DIY: Wall-Mounted Sound Panels" November 2016

"Tracks From Afar" September 2016

"The Blue Screen of Death!" June 2015

"YouTube Content ID: Friend or Foe?" March 2015

"Four Steps to a New Studio" September 2014

"Mixing Live Drum Tracks" January 2012

"Mixing and the Stereo Field" November 2011

"Fade Out, Guest Editorial" September 2011

"DAW Details, Smart Tools in Sonar X1" June 2011

"DIY Rack Panels" October 2010

"Create Your Songs With Drum Loops" July 2010

Product Review July 2009

"Music Libraries" July 2009

Product Review November 2008

Product Review September 2008

Product Review August 2008

Product Review July 2008

Product Review June 2008

Product Review May 2008

Product Review April 2008

I was also published it the Fall 2004 issue, and Spring 2003 issue of the Berklee College of Music alumni magazine "Berklee Today".  

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